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VFX Short

school year 2019/20



Artwork by Sarah Windisch

VFX Short

In 2021 our schools open-house-day was coming up, but all of us were stuck at home half of the time and no stranger was allowed inside the building. Therefore our class decided to show all of the things you learn in the film & multimediaart department through little movies. Together with Felix Zorn-Pauli and Sarah Windisch we started on the VFX Short – a film demonstrating the modelling, animating and compositing part we get taught here.

Watch the film and breakdown!

This film was the first I ever came in contact with modelling and texturing in this quantity. The beginning was hard, because I didn’t know much about what i should be doing but it got easier along the way.


I startet with the tubes along the ortwein-wall and when I slowly got more comfortable I added electricity boxes and soon startet on the buildings. I always loved how clocks looked so I made a futuristic version and I think balloons are awesome so I combined that with the "lotto".


Next to modelling and animating the drone, Sarah did most of the texturing, whereas I concentrated on the models. However, with the balloon and the tubes I at least learned a little bit.


After helping with the modelling a little bit, Felix did the compositing: tracking the video, replacing the greenscreen, adding our finished models, grading all of it to fit together as good as possible and rendering everything.

Sound design

Lastly I did the sound design - with some (really) random sounds I tried to give the short a modern and kinda technic feeling. It should round off the video and put a focus on the differences to our present ortwein-school.

the crew

Bianca Amberger
Sarah Windisch
Felix Zorn-Pauli