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Siehst du’s nicht?

school year 2021/22



Short film "Siehst du's nicht?"

“Siehst du’s nicht?” (Can’t you see?) has been produced by me and many classmates as our “pilot-film” during our fourth year at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule film and multimediaart. It combines all of our guilty pleasures – a feel-good family film (me, the director), lovely locations with even prettier lighting and different camera movements (my DOP Anne) and the cutest oddest animated fantasy creatures ever (my VFX supervisor Sarah… obviously).

>>The 19-year-old student Markus escapes his adult life and travels home to his family and his little home village for a weekend.  The 9-year-old elementary school pupil Amelie finally has her brother back and offers him the perfect getaway from his everyday life.
Little by little, Markus gets his fantasy and imagination back and immerses himself in her world.<<

Watch the finished movie soon(-ish)!

The story lives from the could-not-be-more-different siblings Markus and Amelie that are despite their age gap the best of friends. Calculated intellectual Markus left creative dreamer Amelie to study abroad. When he returns for a weekend Amelie wants to show him everything he has been missing out on

Actor Richard Kipp

Markus is just getting his feet on the ground of adulthood for the first time. He studies, works in his free time, meets new people - that only to a limited extent - and expands his knowledge about his love of programming. Despite enjoying himself, even an enthusiastic and hard-working student like him needs a break once in a while, and where better to relax than at home with his family.

Actress Luisa Dirnberger

Amelie's great love is that of creating stories. Hundreds of ideas, inventions and fantasy creatures buzz around in her head. Even though no one seems to understand her, she also lives out this world in reality - after all, that's where her friends are.

Actress Christina Bahlo
Mother Elisabeth

Elisabeth loves everything being organised, her baking things sorted, her clothes in order and dinner already planned for the following week on the Friday before.
When suddenly her little daughter Amelie starts immersing herself in her own little fantasy world, Elisabeth starts to worry.

Actor Tom Turek
Father Michael

Michael's world is his work. He is there on all business trips, knows his company inside out and is always there for reforms and new ideas. His wife's worries and his daughter's strange phase only make his everyday life more stressful.

the crew

Bianca Amberger
vfx artist
assistant editor
Sarah Windisch
1st assistant director
vfx supervisor
Sophie Gartner
art director
Alina Bachler
executive producer
Anne Hasenhütl
director of photography
color grading
Hannah Krusch-Batruel
1st camera assistent
Rosa Peschina
Raphael Jöbstl
script & continuity
Enzo Gutschi
boom operator
Neo Klinger
production sound mixer
Tobias Fischbach
Maximillian Milla
best boy
Felix Zorn-Pauli
lighting assistant

special thanks to

Joachim Dietze

Franz-Leopold Schmelzer

Wolfgang Scherz

Therese Seemann

Jakob Enrico

Christoph Korb

Dominik Mörth

Max Kollreider
Anna Fachbach
Leo Breid
Michaela Neureiter
Carmen Auer

Norbert & Elke Amberger
Pfarrer Mag. Anton Herk-Pickl