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The Lucky Ones

school year 2018/2019



The Lucky Ones

The stop-motion short-movie “the lucky ones” was the first project little me did in the first class at my art school the HTBLVA Ortweinschule in 2018 and 2019. Using stop-motion was the only limitation and after our teacher taught us the basics we were free to dive in the big world of ideas, plots and characters as well as materials, technic and photography.

Together with Marie Hammer – a classmate of mine – we started the whole project with a vague idea, much too complicated concepts and no experience with animating at all.

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The Lucky Ones
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THE Process

The project didn’t go smoothly straight from the start, because we tested many different materials – originally we used a white board to draw on, but after having some complications with erasing the black marker we decided to do it digitally. After that we let our creativity flow freely, drew the different scenes and spontaneously chose new plot twists – until finally we could not only show the finished movie to our class but moreover gained a lot of new experiences.